Welcome to Main Street Market in Bangor, your home town market.

We are a full service supermarket, specializing in fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. Visit our deli for ready-to-eat meals, soups and salads. We are known for our fried chicken.  Hot Mr. Pastie turnovers are available every Tuesday.

Be sure to check our website every week for our specials and watch throughout our store for Best Buy specials.  When our suppliers lower the price to us, we pass the savings on to you. There are thousands everyday in all departments! Just watch for this sign.

This Week’

FEB 14th to FEB
>Eye Round Roasts
      $3.99 lb.
>Roasting Chicken
  88¢ lb.
>Fresh Blueberries
Pint    $2.99  
>BY 1893
American Cheese
$3.99 lb.

>Frozen Icelandic
Haddock Fillets
   $5.99 lb. 

>Entenmann's Line
>Progresso Soups
>Select Post Cereals
>Breyers Ice Cream
>Steakums 9 oz.
>Sparkle Towels 3'S
>Sparkle Bath
Tissue 4 Roll
>Best Yet Products
-Vegetable 2\$1
-Pasta Sauce 4\$5
-Pasta 95¢
-Frozen F-Fries 2\$3
-Peanut Butter 2\$3
-Jelly or Preserves 2\$3
-18ct Large Eggs 2\$5
-Greek Yogurt 12\$8
-Orange Juice 3\$5
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