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JULY 23rd to JULY 29th
>Hatfield Bacon 1 lb
Sirloin Steaks V-PAK

      $4.99 lb. 
>Northwest Bing Cherries

           $1.99 lb.   
>Whole Seedless
 $3.99 each

Chicken Tenders
V-PAk   $2.29 lb.  

>BY Ice Cream Sandwiches
or Domino 4lb Sugar

>Knorr's Sides
Friendly's Ice Cream
or Utz Potato Chips

>Select Kellogg's Cereals
When you buy 3 boxes
WOW!! >$1.88 ea. w\coupon
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Food Safety

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 76 million Americans get sick from food borne illnesses. Protect yourself, and your family by following a few simple precautions:
· Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and wear disposable gloves when necessary
  Keep cold food cold and hot food hot
  Be aware of the temperature danger zone (40º F-135º F)
· Clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces
· Wash and sanitize all your dishes, utensils and appliances before using them
· Discard all soft plastic and porous items that may have absorbed contaminants
· Cook meat and fish thoroughly

For more information about food safety, please visit the CDC Web site .

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